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Menu problem on iPhone & Portfolio filter not working

  • Purchased HTML version. Have encountered 2 problems (both on your demo and my clean installation):

    1. Menu is not functioning on iPhone/small device browser width. The dropdown menu appears to work, but clicking any of the menu items does not have any result.

    2. The portfolio filter links on the Homepage do not work. They seem to function fine on the standalone portfolio page, but not on the index.html.

    For whatever reason, the portfolio filter on homepage works fine from my local drive, but not on server. I have confirmed it is not functioning on your demo site either.

    2. UPDATE: this problem does NOT exist on your demo. It also still works on my local drive, but not on server. The portfolio filter works on standalone page such as “portfolio-3-columns-ajax.html” on my server, but not on homepage portfolio.

    Any ideas as to the nature of this problem?

    Hello. Thanks for purchasing my item.

    I’ll check and response you ASAP. :)

    1/ It was an issue. I’ll update a patch soon on Themeforest, but here’s the solution:

    – Go to js/main.js and look for

    $('<select id="wi-mainnav-mobile" />').appendTo( $('#wi-mainnav').parent() );,

    delete it.

    – Edit in index.html file, header area, append

    <select id="wi-mainnav-mobile"></select>


    <nav id="wi-mainnav"></nav>

    2/ Portfolio filter works well, if you could show me your site, I’ll find what’s happening with your site on server. Probably you’ve missed some files or something. I can not guess yet.

    – withemes -

    1. That worked great, thanks for the fix! I will of course need to append any other html file that I wish to use the way you outlined for index.html

    2. I did a file comparison from my local to server and they appear to match, but perhaps you can find what’s missing? Here is the url:


    I have not modified any files other than main.js and index.html as outlined above.

    1/ Yes, I meant you have to append to any file that you want it to work. :)

    2/ If you do not use Twitter, please remove it. WITHEMES.twitter at bottom of main.js. Twitter error causes all scripts after it do not work.

    If you use Twitter, please config it correctly. :)

    Would you suppose it’s best to delete the entire twitter function from main.js?? Would this impact the loading of js in any significant way? or is it sufficient to simply comment out loading of twitter from the document ready function?

    Also, for the record, I found that the index.html page still did not work correctly until I also completely removed the call for twitter from the “wi-tweets” div (in this case I went ahead and removed everything from the “content” div).

    Thanks again for the quick responses to my problems

    could you please now remove my url from post #268?
    It does not appear I can edit my post.

    thank you

    If you do not need to use Latest Tweets area, remove everything concerning tweet and twitter. :) I don’t think that “wi-tweets” HTML element causes JS issue, removing JS is sufficient. :)

    Please remove tweet.js file too. :)

    Hello, I have purchased the version 1.4 of the Norris – Elegant Retina-ready Onepage Template and my version has the Menu problem unlike the one you have here:

    Please help!


    Could you please tell me your problem? And please remove the iFrame and send me the address? If you click to the above url, it goes to the homepage.

    Yes, whenever I access the purchased version (not modified in anyway) through my mobile device (on the hosted server), the navigation menu doesn’t work. Although, it works fine on your demo site that I had previously posted a link to.

    Hi there.

    If you use the file that downloaded from Themeforest immediately, some troubles will happen.

    Please configure this file first: norris/twitter/index.php to make sure that Twitter works fine and won’t cause Javascript error.

    If you do not want to use Twitter, please open norris/js/main.js and delete WITHEMES.twitter(); at the bottom file.

    Hope this helps


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